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p3challenges's Journal

Charmed Challenges
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This is a community for challenges based on the TV show Charmed.

What is Charmed?
Charmed is the story of three sister witches. At their basic level, one has the ability to freeze time, one can move objects with her mind, and one can see the future. Together, they create the Power of Three, The Charmed Ones.

What type of challenges will be hosted here?
There will be regular prompts, games, and a fic exchange in the summer. (I'll be hosting a poll to determine if members want voting challenges, advent challenges, mini-bangs, etc..)

How do I start?
Introduce yourself at this post. If you want, reply to other members. For the challenges, just jump in!

- Keep it polite.
- Keep it on-topic. (Challenge entries are the only things that can be posted here without permission. If you want to pimp a community or even host your own challenge, just ask.)
- Have fun!